The New York Times Declares 2016 "The Selfie Election"

The Selfie Vote is a step ahead of the curve! In today's New York Times, Jeremy W. Peters and Ashley Parker write about the candidates out on the trail and the selfie-takers who seek them out for a photo.

This is the Selfie Election. And if you are running for president, you have no choice but to submit.
— -"Facing a Selfie Election, Presidential Hopefuls Grin and Bear It," July 4, 2015 New York Times

Washington Post review of The Selfie Vote

Carlos Lozada at The Washington Post gives The Selfie Vote a read, and his review is here!

But as I began to read, I realized that the title is apt. Anderson has written a selfie in book form. She has taken various snapshots of her generation’s political leanings — she is a millennial herself — and now hopes they’ll be shared and liked widely.
— Carlos Lozada, Washington Post